The amount of rainfall that you can collect is governed by the following formula: Easy to Remember Formula: 1″ of rain x 1 sq. ft. = 0.623 gallons To calculate the amount of rainwater you can collect, you need to know your annual average precipitation for your area. You can use the precipitation map from Google / Bing search engine to find an approximate amount for your area.

The secret of Garden Watersaver is unique Downspout Diverter, which attaches easily to any gutter’s downspout. Once in place, the Diverter sends water to a rain barrel through a hose until that barrel is completely full. Once full, additional water simply continues down the downspout as it normally would — so the process is automatic!

How to build a rain barrel –

Different types of rain barrels –

How to find recycled plastic barrel in your local area –

How to install downspout diverter –
Installation Instructions for Standard-Sized 2″x3″ Downspouts
Installation Instructions for Over-Sized 3″x4″ Downspouts
(Links to the PDF will open a new window; requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

How the downspout diverter works –

How to connect multiple rainbarrel –

Why collect rainwater for the garden –

Why store rainwater for later use –

How can I collect rainwater to to automatically water a garden –

How can I move rainwater around a property –

How does collecting rainwater helps the environment –

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